Tuesday, September 2, 2008

“Wall – E” WOW! and “Jimmy” the junk

You must be wondering that how can I compare these two flicks. One is a Hollywood animation movie and other is Hindi movie. So what is the comparison?
Actually nothing. These are the 2 movie I happened to see in last 2 days and both of them are so extraordinary (in their own sense) that I’ve to write something about them.

In last 2-3 weeks lots of movie were released Singh is King, Bachna Ae Haseeno, CKKompany, Chamku, Mumbai Meri Jaan etc. But except Mumbai Meri Jaan, no other movie excited us enough to go to the multiplex and spend 500 – 600 bucks. So we decided to gave them a miss. Then last week I saw an ad of Wall – E and came to know that it is releasing in India on 29th Aug. We both (Me and my wife Megha) are avid fans of animation movies. Some of my personal favorites are Shrek (all 3), Ratatouille, Ice Age and Tom & Jerry series. My team also happened to work on one of the web campaign for Wall – E so I was pretty eager to watch it.

After watching the movie I can certainly say that it is the best animation movie I’ve seen till date. I am wordless. Yes!!! Pixar does it again. After Cars, Toy Story, Finding Nemo they have once again given this masterpiece called “Wall - E”. They make you believe that even a Rabot has feelings and he can express his feelings also. The even make a cockroach adorable J. The animation, characters, story everything is just wonderful and out of this world. The two lead robots Wall – E and Eva just take names of each other still you can feel the chemistry of them. I don’t have enough words and I am not a reviewer or critic, but as a movie buff I Simply loved the movie and want to see it again and again.

Now let’s talk about Jimmy. Now for those of you who have not heard about this movie, it is the launching pad of Mithun Da’s son Mimoh. I queued the movie in our big flick account out of curiosity (I think Mithun is a great actor, watch GURU, Agnipath to confirm, and wanted to see how his son fares). But the movie is simply a disaster and the same is this guy. The drama scene looks comic and supposed to be comic scenes simply falls flat. All the pathetic actors are gathered and tried to make this crap. I could not dare to see it more than 30 min. I will not say much but you can still try at you own Risk ;)


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Silverlight Resources

Beleo is the list of Silverlight resources. I've taken it from Mike Snow's blog and added some more. Keeping it here for my reference. Hope it will be useful to all.

Install The Latest Tools

Beta 2: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=50A9EC01-267B-4521-B7D7-C0DBA8866434&displaylang=en

Getting Started

Silverlight Blogs

Miscellaneous Topics of Interest for Silverlight

Game Programming:

Secure Password sending:

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My finding on SEO for Flash

Sometime time ago (May be a month), I heard that flash content now can be indexed on Google and Yahoo Search engine. For this Adobe has provided some complex flash player to theese search engines which in turn will allow them to dig inside the thousand of Flash enabled Web sites out there and crawl inside them to brin the relavent content for indexing. Google has even desribed it's improved methods form flash indexing.

After going through many blogs and articles I can say that it is just a baby step and flash is still very far away from actually getting indexed. One question is that why Flash will not be searcable on live serach.

Gilbert Corrales has explained the fact in details and also that how Silverlight can be indexed in all search engines without any specific player.

Also found this hilarious take on the Google's method of indexing the flash content. Very interesting indeed.

Monday, July 28, 2008

When Will It End?

I seen the light from the mountain moon shimmer, shadow bright.
I seen the mountain when trees stood straight up right.
I seen desolated mountain weep as man destroyed tall to fall.
When will heartless ravage end, to let the mountain mend.
What's left on the mountain is ours to tell.
What's left for our children's children as they run & play where trees used to be for they have no place to dwell.
Mountain streams will continue to flow, foliage will continue to grow,
trees once more will reach the blue, only to surrender to man's blow...
When acid-rain turns to ice, the age of freeze begins.

Man will perish.
God will cherish.

Written by Neha Tyagi. I really liked so posting it.

Interactive is a meaningless word

Making websites more useful, not just interactive ...

I have never quite understood what the word 'interactive' means in the context of the Web. The Web is inherently active in that its corner stone is the link. The link is a call to action. We go to the Web to act, to do. Saying that a website needs to become more interactive is like saying that a football game needs more football.

In a Web context, 'interactive' is thus a meaningless word and it tends to be used by cool, meaningless people. In fact, the objective of making a website 'more' interactive is often absolutely not what the customer wants.

Customers don't want interactivity from your website. They want results. They want to do what they came to do as quickly as possible. You have to interact with a hotel booking process in order to book a room, but you want that interaction to be as fast and painless as possible.

One of Google's key design principles: "Every millisecond counts. Nothing is more valuable than people's time", it goes on to state." Google pages load quickly, thanks to slim code and carefully selected image files. The most essential features and text are placed in the easiest-to-find locations. Unnecessary clicks, typing, steps, and other actions are eliminated.
A core objective of Google is to get you off its website as quickly as possible. It has a relentless focus on making the first result the right result so that you will leave its website in the shortest time possible. Google makes most of its money from advertising.

'Save people time' should be written in 10 foot letters across the walls of every web design team's office. Do not listen to the fools who talk about more interactivity. It is from the minds of these fools that the truly awful Flash Intros crawled out. Focus all your energy on saving your customers time. Be useful. Be functional. Be brief."

This is the edited version of article written by Gerry McGovern.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hey my first post

Since long (Almost 4 years) I've been trying to start my own blog. But as usuall couldnt act on this plan. But it seems finally the time has come here I am posting my first post on my blog. As the name suggest I can write about anything which interest me. It would be some technical stuff (Flash, Photoshop, Silverlight, CSS, Flex ), some cricket, some bollywood and some might some philosophy of life (It is when I entered in that zone) but again there is no limit.
So I am just concluding this with the hope that this is not my last post J